Whether or not you have been afflicted with the Covid-19 virus yourself, you have been affected by it in  some fashion.  Stay-at-home orders have altered many aspects of our lives, from where we drive, to where and when we shop.  But what about healthcare?

It has been determined by Gov.  Tony Evers that chiropractic offices are considered "essential" businesses.  We continue to remain open for business for your chiropractic needs as well as for DOT physicals and pre-employment/random drug screens.  

Our Current Hours are: Mon:8-6, Wednesday:8-6 and Friday:8-5

What we are doing

-We are practicing proper hygeine by washing our hands and  disinfecting tables and other surfaces throughout the office.

-Chairs in the waiting room are spaced further apart to maintain "social distancing." 

-Patients are asked to come to their appointments alone, so as to avoid a crowded waiting room.  Patients also have the option to wait in their cars for their appointment.

-Pateints will be screened for elevated temperature upon entering the clinic.

-Staff with patient contact are wearing masks.

If you have any questions regarding this, please contact the office at:(715) 424-8000